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Allen Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated independent pharmacy based out of Denton, TX.

Relationships with our customers is at the cornerstone of all that we do and our mission is to have a positive impact on all those that we have the opportunity to serve.

"We are about much more than filling prescriptions. We get to know our customers and their families. They walk in and our staff will know them by name, ask them how their daughter's softball tournament went or how their mom is doing... We truly care about our customers."

~ Brandon Allen, Owner of Allen Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is based on three guiding principles, we describe as the three P's:

Personal, Passionate, Progressive

  1. Provide personal service at a level that our customers will not find anywhere else.

  2. Stay passionate about our work. We get the opportunity to help people on a daily basis and that's exciting to us.

  3. Seek to be progressive in the services and care that we provide. Pharmacy is a quickly evolving field and we see to stay on the cutting edge of pharmacy and pharmacy-related services.

Our Mission

We seek to have a positive impact on every person that we come into contact with in our business, in our community, and in our lives.

Who We Are

Allen Pharmacy is a family owned and operated pharmacy. Brandon and April Allen took over operations in March 2017 and had a vision on turning pharmacy practice into something more.


Pharmacists and pharmacies have been around in some form or fashion since ancient times, but the practice of pharmacy has changed dramatically over the millennia. From ancient Egypt where pharmacists provided medicinal herbs and tinctures to the current pharmacy, where we are providing highly sophisticated therapy that can target specific gene expression, pharmacy practice has evolved and become more and more sophisticated. Unfortunately, during this time, the personal touch has gotten lost.

Go into most retail pharmacies and you’ll find a cold, machine-like feel.

There is no warmth, compassion or caring.

​A pharmacy should be somewhere you can go and feel safe and confident that you’re going to get taken care of in your time of need.

​At Allen Pharmacy, you will find a caring and loving staff that knows you by name. Our staff understands the value of relationships and getting to know you and your needs.


Brandon and all the staff members at Allen Pharmacy have a vested interest in the practice of pharmacy, seeing a great opportunity for pharmacists and our staff to provide more value than ever before to patients and the community.

We truly care about the wellbeing of our patients and seek out the very best for them, from searching for more cost-effective treatments for those on fixed incomes to working with doctors, nurses and other members of the healthcare team to ensure that patients are on the most effective and safest drug regimens possible.

We work with local community groups, supporting local schools and organizations to provide value to individuals and groups throughout the community. We have partnered with organizations to provide health awareness through our Live Healthy Denton events, as well as partnering with local organizations to decrease opioid abuse and pollution of our water systems.


As previously stated, the practice of pharmacy has evolved greatly over the last 2,000 years, and it continues to evolve today.

We provide custom-made medications to help patients with specific needs, eliminating dyes and fillers that may be problematic. Likewise, we work with physicians to improve patient quality of life by providing customized dosing that may not be possible otherwise.​

We provide a safety blanket with our clinical pharmacy services that include in-depth medication reviews with our patients and one-on-one counseling available. Our knowledgeable staff provide a wealth of information that is accessible to all our patients.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. ~Peter Drucker

At Allen Pharmacy we take Peter Drucker’s words to heart. We are working to create the future that we wish to see. We find ourselves pushing the envelope of pharmacy practice, bringing to our patients, services that make their lives easier and their health greater.

Our Team

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Brandon Allen

  • Brandon Allen, PharmD is a pharmacist from North Carolina that enjoys playing golf and spending time with family.
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Bill Neu, RPh


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Erika Eriksen, PharmD


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Cain Schulteis, CPhT

Adherence Technician

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Mansi Patel, CPhT

Compounding Technician